We believe that intentional, authentic, and strategic connection with other like-minded individuals and ministries can have a profound and positive impact on leaders. We foster these kinds of connections through the following:

  • Annual conferences (with discounted rates for Radiant Network Churches).

  • Amplify Leadership events for Network Churches and their staff members.

  • The Radiant Network Forum (A monthly online  meeting and forum for lead pastors from Network Churches)

  • Online access to monthly all-staff teachings from Pastor Lee Cummings that explore more vision and apostolic-oriented subjects.



"Being apart of the Radiant Network has been nothing but life-giving. Every pastor and leader has a dream in his heart to see the Gospel advance powerfully. However, he should never dream alone. The relationships in the Radiant Network linked arms with me and allowed me to not dream alone. They've added fuel to the fire of leadership and visioneering and have refreshed, equipped and encouraged me in so many arenas of ministry.”

— Tony Calabrese, Lead Pastor of Radiant Church in Nashville, Tennesse


Consulting Services


Why We Do It

We believe there is power in learning from seasoned ministry leaders. While the Network allows for many training and equipping opportunities, we understand that these may not meet the unique needs of each individual ministry team within our Network of Churches. For this reason Radiant Network churches have access to request consultation services for comprehensive, hands-on training from seasoned and qualified leaders with years of professional and ministerial experience. From how-tos, to systems, to methodology, best practices and more, our team is available to help your ministries build upon a strong foundation.

Ministry Focus
We want to see your church and ministry teams operate in their calling and purpose. We are committed to partnering with you with these practical tools to equip you and your church so they can thrive. With this in mind we have narrowed our focus of ministry consultations to the following areas: 

  • Business Administration/Strategic Planning

  • Creative Communication & Marketing

  • Finance

  • Growth Track/Attendee Assimilation

  • Security

  • Team Resources ( HR )

  • Community Groups

  • Event Planning

  • Generational Ministry ( Kids & Youth )

  • Office Administration

  • Service Production

  • Worship


We structure each consulting visit with the following to help make the most out of this partnership and to help you accomplish your desired outcome. A typical consult is structured with:
• 30 minute pre-visit phone call with Network Admin + consultant planning and establish objectives
• 1 day visit to work with you and your teams
• 30-60 minute post-visit phone call to follow-up with next step

We designed our one-day consult fee’s to fit the size of your church. To make travel easier our team prefers to book our own airfare, but we would ask the church to provide hosting and accommodations on the ground.

• Churches 1000+
$1,750 (includes airfare, price negotiable if local)

• Churches less than 1000
$1,250 (includes airfare, price negotiable if local)

We want to see your church and ministry teams operate in their calling and purpose. We are committed to partnering with you with these practical tools to equip you and your church so they can thrive. 

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We are committed to resourcing Network churches with practical tools, templates, systems, and assets that help create organizational momentum and infrastructural support for the wide variety of ministries and departments represented in our Network churches.


As a Network team, we’re always looking for ways to help you develop and strengthen your faith, and support you in doing your ministry. We believe that RightNow Media will be a tool to serve you as you live out your faith at home and in your church. RightNow Media has videos for everyone —kids, youth, parents, married couples, college students, single adults, working professionals—all aimed at helping you grow. You’ll need to sign up through an invite link that we send you, if you need this to be sent again, reach out at

Additional Tools & Resources

Check out these additional resources from churches within the Network!