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Amplify Leadership Event With Matt Keller

February 13, 2019
The Radiant Network is excited to invite you to our Amplify Event with guest speaker Matt Keller on Wednesday, February 13 at Radiant Church's campus in Portage Michigan. Our Amplify events are designed to strategically create a setting for leaders in ministry to gather together and learn from each other's common experiences. One of the Network's guiding values is "relationship." We see our Amplify event as an avenue for leaders of our Network churches, along with local ministry leaders to gather in a place of learning that fosters genuine relationship. It is our belief that from that position of a healthy relationship, leaders can thrive.


Our guest Matt Keller is the lead pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, Next Level Church out of Fort Meyers Florida. Matt has a unique calling on his life to interact with and build up teams of people. He has had 20 years of experience in this field and we are sure that his expertise will be a huge value for our Radiant Network leaders!

Radiant Church - Portage Campus /
995 Romence Road, Portage MI 49024

February 13, 2019
Starting at 9:00AM



True North | A Worship & Creative Gathering

True North is the place where everything is defined. 

As believers, our True North is anchored in the presence of God. It's in His presence where we find our identity and calling. It's in His presence where we are healed and refreshed. It's His presence that defines who we are. 

True North is an immersive experience that is designed to refresh, liberate, and inspire worship leaders and creatives. This unique two-day event will be marked by extended times in the presence of God, inspiring teaching, meaningful connection and much more.

We invite you to come dream with us.

Who is this event for?
True North is for anyone passionate about worship and the arts. This event will be a gathering of worship leaders, songwriters, musicians, singers, filmmakers, writers, painters, actors, producers, dancers, designers and artists of every kind who have a vision for Kingdom impact through worship and the arts. True North is not just for those in full time ministry, but is an open event for anyone who feels called to participate in what God is doing in our day through worship and creativity.

February 27 - March 1, 2019

Radiant Church - Richland Campus / 
8157 East DE Ave, Richland MI 49083

Cory & Anna Asbury / Lee Cummings
Caleb & Rachel Culver / Joel Sorge
David & Aly Whitworth of Bethel Music
Jonathan Moos / Richard & Sarah Adolph


If you are joining us from out of town, feel free to reach out to our recommended hotels in the area.
Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Cork Street / Book by February 17, call 269-373-0770 and mention Radiant Gathering.
The Radisson Plaza Hotel on W Michigan Ave / Book by February 6, email or call 269-343-3333 and mention True North.


Cory Asbury, Ryan Kondo, & Jonathan Moos
This workshop will be an open mic Q&A session with the True North songwriting panel.

About the panel: Cory Asbury is a Bethel Music artist and worship leader at Radiant Church. He's a gifted worship leader and songwriter, and is best known for his song Reckless Love. Ryan Kondo is the Radiant Church Richland Campus worship pastor and a talented songwriter. Jonathan Moos is a worship leader at Radiant Church, and is also a songwriter, producer and talented musician. 

Follow Cory, Ryan and Jonathan on Instagram: @coryasbury + @ryankondo + @jonathanmoos

The Pursuit of Excellence
David Whitworth 
This workshop will explore the role of a musician in the modern worship context as it pertains to preparation, live flow, song-writing, and arranging.

About the teacher: David is an accomplished musician, producer and leader with Bethel Music. He serves as Bethel Music's Director of Live Experience, oversees Friday Night Worship at Bethel Church, and is a drummer for Cory Asbury, Jeremy Riddle, Steffany Gretzinger, Amanda Cook, Josh Baldwin, Johnathan & Melissa Helser, and Brian & Jenn Johnson. 

Follow David on Instagram: @davidwhitworth

Production in a Prophetic Environment 
Sean Downs & JoJo Riddering

This workshop will explore the ways we aim to intentionally foster the relationship between professional excellence and a prophetic culture in worship, preaching, prayer meetings and services. Remaining flexible, open to the leadership of the Holy Sprit, and responsive to what God is doing in an unplanned moment is an essential part of our identity and values. Also essential to our identity are the core values of excellence, command of our areas of expertise, creativity, discipline and planning. For many people, finding a healthy balance between both of these approaches can be a challenge. We've learned that achieving maturity in this approach is more about the direction we're heading than it is the destination we're expecting to arrive at, and we want to help point you in a beneficial direction as you aim to achieve the same balance in your ministry.

About the teachers: Sean Downs serves Radiant as the Director of Production for all our services, events and live streaming, and he also serves on the church's pastoral team. JoJo Riddering is the head audio engineer, as well as incredibly gifted musician and producer. They each play pivotal roles in everything we do at Radiant, from weekend services to prayer meetings, and studio projects to special events. They are shining examples of what it looks like to operate professionally with excellence, creativity, proficiency, and high ownership, as well as being standard-bearers for fostering a Spirit-led ministry environment.

Follow JoJo on Instagram: @jojoriddering


Visual Storytelling
Joel Sorge

Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the world. Since the advent of the smartphone and the global proliferation of high speed internet, the art of visual storytelling has evolved at a dizzying pace, and has made video content accessible by almost anyone, anywhere, at any time. Video consumption is at an all-time high, and while this phenomena has created an unprecedented opportunity for creators to connect with their audience, it has also introduced new challenges that have made it harder than ever to break through our overcrowded digital platforms and produce valuable, lasting impact on people. 

This workshop will explore the core elements of visual storytelling that must be at work to generate connection, cause impact, and inspire response in your audience. It will challenge you to see the art of visual storytelling with fresh eyes, and will inspire clarity as you seek to create the kind of content that stands out in our noisy digital age.

About the teacher: Joel Sorge is a filmmaker, writer, visual artist, musician, and creative director who serves as the Creative & Communications Pastor for Radiant Church and the Radiant Network. Before joining Radiant in 2017, he was a freelance filmmaker, writer and designer, working with a wide variety of clients, brands, events, organizations and recording artists.

Follow Joel on Instagram: @joelsorge + @radiantcreative + @psallocollective + @theradiantcity

See the Radiant Creative Team & Joel's work online:  +  +  +

The Keys to Successful Team Collaboration & Creative Execution
Aly Whitworth
This workshop will explore some of the practical ways that Aly and the Bethel Music team have successfully taken creative projects from ideation to completion, the importance of planning and preparation, and how you can adapt to unexpected changes on any given project. Aly will be giving us an inside look at how the Bethel Music creative team has pulled off some of their biggest video and photo shoots, and will offer unique perspective on how unforeseen variables and limitations have actually been a key part of the discovery and creative process for many of their projects.

About the teacher: Before recently transitioning after the Whitworth's had their first baby, Aly served as a Creative Producer for Bethel Music, and worked on projects such as Cory Asbury's Reckless Love album, the Bright Ones movie, Josh Baldwin's The War is Over, and many more. Aly's artistic passion and skill in collaboration have given her unique vision and insight as a creative leader.

Follow Aly on Instagram: @alysue

Radiant Creative Team Q&A Panel
Joel Sorge, Ashley Garner, Anna Riddering, Elena McCaleb, Jake Epperson
This workshop will be an open mic Q&A session with the Radiant Creative Team, and will be open to any topic related to creative process, projects, skill and craft-related topics, content, production and more.

Follow Radiant Creative on Instagram: @radiantcreative 
See the Radiant Creative Team work online:  +  +  +


Betty Kondo
Dance is a beautiful art form that reveals God’s heart and creative nature through movement. This workshop will explore some of the ways we can dive deeper into this timeless form of worship before an audience of One.

About the teacher: Betty Kondo has been a professional dancer for over 10 years, and has toured both internationally and in the United States. She has performed many lead roles with the Eugene Ballet Company, the Kansas City Ballet, and the Orlando Ballet. She now serves the Radiant community alongside her husband, Ryan Kondo, who is the Radiant Church Richland Campus worship pastor, as well as a teacher in the Radiant School of Worship. Her insight, skill, experience and passion give her a unique approach to dance, so if you're passionate about this beautiful art form then this workshop is for you!

Follow Betty on instagram: @bettykondo

Overcoming Creative Resistance 
Joel Sorge

Every creative person experiences internal and external resistance when it comes to their craft. Writer's block, lack of inspiration, ideas falling flat, and failure are universal experiences, and for many of us these challenges can feel like obstacles that will inevitably prevent us from accomplishment. But what if resistance wasn't an obstacle to success? What if it was an essential part of the process? This workshop will explore the counterintuitive reality that limitations and obstacles are actually opportunities in disguise, and challenge you to see resistance with fresh eyes. 

About the teacher: Joel Sorge is a filmmaker, writer, visual artist, musician, and creative director who serves as the Creative & Communications Pastor for Radiant Church and the Radiant Network. Before joining Radiant in 2017, he was a freelance filmmaker, writer and designer, working with a wide variety of clients, brands, events, organizations and recording artists.

Follow Joel on Instagram: @joelsorge + @radiantcreative + @psallocollective + @theradiantcity

See the Radiant Creative Team & Joel's work online:  +  +  +

Anna Asbury & Chelsea Eby
This hands-on workshop will transport you out of the box and into an immersive, engaging time of creative worship! Participants will use paint and collaboration to experience God in a whole new way, and there are no prerequisites or experience requirements to be a part of this unique workshop. So whether you've been an artist your whole life or are picking up a paintbrush for the first time, you're invited to be a part of this artistic experience!

About the teachers: Anna Asbury is a homemaker and homeschool mom who's passionate about cultivating and nurturing creativity in the home. Anna and her husband Cory are worship leaders at Radiant Church, and also work closely with the Radiant School of Worship. Quite by accident, Anna discovered as an adult that she had a natural gift for watercolor-painting. Painting has since become a true passion of hers, and her deep love of the craft has led her to creating work not only for herself but for others as well.

Chelsea Eby is an artist and homeschool mom with a passion for living creatively. After a powerful encounter with the Lord, she discovered that she had a deep love for drawing and painting. Since that time, she has pursued her natural gifting with passion, with a primary focus on portraiture and human emotion. She also enjoys writing and leading worship with her husband of 11 years, Jacob.

Follow Anna on Instagram: @shepaintsvirtue

Follow Chelsea on Instagram: @chelsebyart


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Arise Shine Conference

MAY 6 - MAY 7, 2019
Arise Shine 2019 early bird registration is now open, and we are thrilled to announce our lineup of guest speakers and worship leaders. John Bevere, Mark Driscoll, Robert Madu, and Lee Cummings will be speaking at our main sessions, and we will be led in worship by Cory Asbury of Bethel Music and Radiant City Music. We are expecting the Lord to do incredible things at ASC19, and we invite you to join us for all that God has in store!

We are kicking off Arise Shine 2019 with a special Night of Worship with Elevation Worship. The Night of Worship will take place on May 5 at 7PM. Be sure to get your discounted rate for this event available only to those purchasing their conference ticket.  

Individual, non-conference tickets will also available for the Night of Worship, and will go on sale in February of 2019.

May, 6 - May 7, 2019

Radiant Church - Richland Campus /
8157 East DE Ave, Richland MI 49083

John Bevere / Mark Driscoll /
Robert Madu / Lee Cummings /
Elevation Worship / Cory Asbury / Radiant City Music



Night of Worship With Elevation Worship

Leading up to the Arise Shine Conference, Radiant Network invites you to join us at a powerful Night of Worship. This year we’re excited to have Elevation Worship joining us on the evening of Sunday, May 5.

Elevation Worship is the worship ministry of Elevation Church, a multisite church based in Charlotte, NC, led by Pastor Steven Furtick. Their songs have impacted thousands are are crafted in a way that easily ushers you into worship and an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Their previously widely known songs such as There Is A Cloud  and Do It Again are sure to encourage you!

Radiant Church - Richland Campus /
8157 East DE Ave, Richland MI 49083

Sunday, May 5, 2019


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Radiant All Staff

Four times a year, Radiant All Staff will be held at Radiant Church in Richland, Michigan. We'd love to have you and your teams join us on Tuesday, April 2 as we worship together and hear a staff and leadership focused teaching from Pastor Lee! We also provide time within the day to schedule ministry meetings for your team to meet with Radiant Church staff departments for consulting. We hope that Radiant All Staff Tuesdays provide you with a touch point where you can be poured into and refreshed, all year long. If you're from out of state, we hope that you'll consider attending if you're ever in the area; all our Network Churches are welcome! 

Please register your team and let us know that we can expect you. Lunch will be provided, and we want to make sure that we have room for you! In order to have an accurate head count for our events team, registration is due one week in advance of the event.

Radiant Church - Richland Campus /
8157 East DE Ave, Richland MI 49083

January 8 / April 2
June 4 / October 1



Network Forum

We are committed to continually provide resources to benefit you and your ministries. The Network Forum is a monthly online point of contact for lead pastors of Radiant Churches and Radiant Network Family level churches. These 90 minute online meetings take place every third Thursday of the month and consist of transparent dialog, insightful leadership development, and shared ideas.