Growing leaders. Growing Churches.


The Radiant Network is a family of churches and leaders who share similar spiritual DNA and have aligned themselves together in a common vision for growing the Kingdom.

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What is Radiant Network?

The Network is designed to be an apostolic covering and relational connection for pastors, a support system and logistical resource center for organizations, a catalyst for relationships, and a developer of leaders.

With dozens of churches across many state lines coming together under the banner of the Radiant Network, there is a palpable measure of comradery and momentum being built in our community of churches, pastors and leaders. Click here to learn more about how your ministry can benefit from joining the Radiant Network.

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Vibrant Network

“It was our prayer that we would find a network that was accessible, alive, and driven by a passionate depth in it's approach. Being a part of a vibrant and biblical network has been of supreme importance to me as a pastor relationally, to our church corporately, and to our staff individually. This particular group of pastors are the real deal, raw and honest, and have a ridiculous passion for Jesus and His church! I believe in the Radiant Network!”

- Shane Ogle, Lead Pastor Great Lakes Church in Troy, MI